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About Us

Celebrating its fifth business anniversary in 2017, Diet House is a totally original healthy-eating concept established by Mr. Adel Al Ansari and Mr. Jabr Al Kuwari in 2012. While the notion of diet food is nothing new, shifts in modern lifestyle witnessed our eating habits change. Meals high in fat, sugar, and salt have become so normal that we seem to have lost sight of what’s actually good and beneficial for us. In fact, many of us don’t realize the damaging effect our diet has on our health until we experience the physical repercussions on our bodies. Athletes, in particular, have long recognized the importance of using food as fuel. But when it comes to dining out, athletes can often struggle to find a suitable place that fulfills their nutritional needs while still acquiring a delicious experience. The unhappy consequence of this could see them indulging in one-too-many ‘Cheat Day’ meals, which can have a devastating impact on their gym goals.

Mr. Adel Al Ansari and Mr. Jabr Al Kuwari opened the first Diet House in Doha in 2012, shortly followed by two more premises in Gharafa and Wakra. It wasn’t long before Diet House became the champions’ choice for healthy and wholesome food that was both delicious and nutritious. The management and promotional team aim to open another six Diet House establishments in Qatar, with further ambitions to franchise the brand and take it across the GCC, Arab region, and worldwide.

A Mission For Nutrition

The vision of Diet House will always go beyond providing training fuel for athletes and bodybuilders. It’s not just sports players that should aim to eat healthy and be conscious of the food that they intake. The team at Diet House have a long term goal that their nutrition mission will spread across the community and make everyday heroes out of ordinary people. Taking care of our bodies contributes to a better quality of life for us and our families, and can be passed down through generations.


The experts at Diet House use their professional accolades and positive attitudes everyday to help people achieve their weight and health goals. For ordinary people, knowledge is power, and making more of an effort when it comes to understanding nutrition will help us to make better decisions with our diet that can have an impact on both our immediate happiness and our long-term health. For athletes and bodybuilders, choosing the right food is like a natural performance enhancer. Finding the right fuel means we can win at every workout, smash through barriers, and take our sporting achievements to the next level. More importantly, Diet House lets you enjoy eating out at a place that caters for the whole family, without you feeling guilty as a result.

Healthier & Tastier

We can’t choose to not eat. Food is a necessary life source. But we can choose what we eat and when we eat it. These two decisions can have a massive impact on our life. As the owners of Diet House are sports experts themselves, they always understood the important of diet in our day-to-day life and that’s how they brought Diet House to life. The brand is so much more than a diet restaurant though, it has rapidly become one of the best restaurants in Qatar. It’s hard to ignore good quality when you see it, and taste it.

With a lifetime of experience, Diet House founders Mr. Adel Al Ansari and Mr. Jabr Al Kuwari have created a place like no other, where people can come together to eat and enjoy food that’s not just delicious, but nutritious too. While it’s widely-recognized that athletes must consider the vitamin, mineral and fluid content of a menu before deciding on the food they eat, it’s equally important for us all to learn more about ingredients and the impact they have on our bodies.

Of course, people that lead very active lifestyles need a certain type of diet to fuel their pursuits – but there is no ‘one-plan-fits-all’ menu. Strength sportspeople require a different type of diet in comparison to endurance athletes. At Diet House, we cater to every need, carefully combining carbohydrates, proteins, and fats (yes good fats) to create the perfect recipe for you. Food may be the provider of life but we have dedicated our lives to food, and now we want to provide that for you!

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